Most Accurate Cataract Surgery (MACS)

Patient Stories

It's so freeing. I'm in my sixties and it's amazing, after all these years, to be able to see like this. It's a miracle.

Karen Hall of Vero Beach (Softec HD patient)

Before Cataract surgery, I wore reading glasses at work in order to see the settings on the dialysis machine. Since the surgery, I rarely ever wear glasses. I can see distance, computer & read the newspaper without glasses. The surgery has made a big difference in my life. I would recommend this implant to anyone considering cataract surgery.

Bernice S. – 62 year old dialysis nurse from New Jersey (Softec HD patient)

I drive a school bus and need clear vision. After cataract surgery, I really noticed the clarity in color. I was previously in the color business and the surgery has made a huge difference. I can read without glasses or contact lenses. The clarity in depth is amazing. Ive been telling people about the surgery and this lens implant. My vision is great.

George H. — 76 year old bus driver from Pennsylvania (Softec HD patient)

Before cataract surgery I could barely read with +400 magnifiers. My son didn't want me to drive at night. After my first eye was done, I was completely amazed... I could see perfectly immediately! Everything was bright and colors were tremendous! 2 weeks later after my 2nd eye, the focusing was amazing. I could see the channels on the TV again! It's completely amazing and I am so happy!!

Ron H. — retired professional baseball pitcher (Softec HD patient)

My vision has improved to the point that I am able, after only one week, to drive without corrective lenses, and read most documents without readers. I am thrilled with the results and with how much it has impacted my life. I can now drive at night without fear. Thank you!

Sandra E. — 62 yo active retiree from New Jersey (Softec HD patient)

I was operated on Wednesday and came back in for my 1 day visit... then had a D.O.T. drivers exam the following day. I had 20/20 vision!!

William Sands – single-eye Softec HD Patient

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